School Exempt Laboratory letter

As promised, there is now a link to an Exempt Laboratory letter template on our ‘Suppliers’ page. You can use this to satisfy Chemical Suppliers that your school does not require a Hazardous Substances Certified Handler.  … Read More

Important Code of Practice announcement

STANZ has been working with the Ministry of Education, WorkSafe, NZASE and a number of other interested parties on the issue of the new Hazardous Substances Regulations. At a meeting in Wellington during the October holidays we were able to secure a continuance for our Code of Practice for School… Read More


ConSTANZ17 website   Below are some handouts from presentations at ConSTANZ17:   The Universe via Science and Engineering Technologies – TN Chan   Camera Obscura   Van der Graaff demonstration – David Cook   Hazardous Substances Management – Hazchem Services     Word Inventory   Excel… Read More