How it works

Our Scitechtalk Email Forum is a free service for members. 

  • Your email address must be registered with the forum.
  • You can email questions and ideas to: [email protected] once you are registered.
  • The Reply and Reply All button in your email program will both send to the whole group. You will be in contact with over 350 members to whom your email will be sent and seen.
  • To email the individual sending the post, locate their email at the bottom of each email post. You can reply directly to them by clicking their email address.
  • The STANZ logo links you to the STANZ website.


Because so many people receive these emails on the forum and we have responsibilities to publishers of copyright material we have some guidelines:

  • Keep the discussion to topics of interest to science technicians.
  • Keep posts to a reasonable length.
  • Be polite and considerate when commenting.
  • If you would like to thank someone, send it to their individual email rather than the group.
  • Do not send or reply to test emails.
  • Do not use icons  Pictures.jpgin your email posts
  • Do not send copyright or paid content through scitechtalk
  • If you are unsure about your subscription, contact the Group Administrator, whose address can be found in the footer of all emails from Scitechtalk.
  • Respect the privacy of members and do not post photos or identifying material unless you have checked with the person involved. Be aware that attributed content may appear in Accumulated Wisdom or Tech Tonic unless you specifically ask that you not be identified.
  • Information from Scitechtalk may be shared with schools, but not for monetary gain.

Accumulated Wisdom

A selected compilation of practical tips and know-how from Scitechtalk.

Please check Accumulated Wisdom on our members only site for an answer to your query before asking the forum.

See also Suppliers Guide for suppliers, and Professional Resources for employment issues.