Complaints and Grievances 

The following information outlines the complaints and grievance process for STANZ (Inc.). Complete the STANZ(Inc.) Complaints and Grievance Form to submit a complaint or grievance with the Association or any of its members, including the Executive committee.

This procedure is for resolving disputes between members of STANZ(Inc.) and between members and STANZ(Inc.), including procedures for investigating and dealing with—

(i) the grievances of members relating to their rights and interests as

members; and

(ii) complaints concerning the misconduct or discipline of members;

STANZ(Inc.) will, as soon as is reasonably practicable after receiving a complaint

or grievance made in accordance with its Constitution, on the proper form, investigate and determine the complaint or grievance. Any complaint or grievance will be dealt with in a fair, efficient, and effective manner.

Once the form is submitted, a representative from the committee will be appointed to communicate with the complainant and the committee and any other persons involved in the dispute. The person appointed by the Executive committee will be referred to as the Disputes Resolution Person and will be independent and at arms length from the case under investigation. However, STANZ(Inc.) may refer the complaint or grievance to a subcommittee or other investigator as outlined below:

STANZ(Inc.) may refer a complaint or grievance to—

(a) a subcommittee or an external person to investigate and report; or

(b) a subcommittee, an arbitral tribunal, or an external person to investigate

and make a decision.

Investigating and determining complaint or grievance

Disputes Resolution Person.

A person may not act as a Disputes Resolution Person in relation to a complaint or grievance if 2 or more members of the Executive committee or a complaints subcommittee

consider that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person may not—

(a) be impartial; or

(b) be able to consider the matter without a predetermined view.

STANZ(Inc.) may decide not to progress the complaint or grievance


(a) the matter is trivial; or

(b) the matter does not appear to disclose—

   (i) in the case of a complaint, any material misconduct; or

   (ii) in the case of grievance, any material damage to a member’s

   rights or interests; or

(c) the complaint or grievance appears to be without foundation or there is

no apparent evidence to support it; or

(d) the person who makes the complaint or brings the grievance has an in-

significant interest in the matter; or

(e) the conduct, incident, event, or issue has already been investigated and

dealt with by or on behalf of STANZ(Inc.).

Complaints: member’s right to be heard.

STANZ(Inc.) can consider a complaint, and can institute disciplinary procedures, re-

garding alleged misconduct of a member. The member has a right to be heard

before the complaint or procedure is resolved or any outcome is determined.

Without limiting the manner in which a member may be given a right to be

heard, a member must be taken to have been given the right if—

(a) the member is fairly advised of all allegations concerning the member,

with sufficient details and time given to enable the member to prepare a

response; and

(b) the member has a reasonable opportunity to be heard in writing or at an

oral hearing (if one is held); and

(c) an oral hearing is held if the decision maker considers that an oral hear-

ing is needed to ensure an adequate hearing; and

(d) an oral hearing (if any) is held before the decision maker and the mem-

ber’s written statement or submissions are considered by the Disputes Resolution Person.

All grievance decisions made will be confidential unless all parties agree otherwise.

All complaints if upheld, will be available to the membership at the discretion of the Executive once a decision has been made.