Vision Statement

Science Technicians’ Association of New Zealand (Inc)

The Science Technicians’ Association of New Zealand (Inc) (STANZ(Inc)) is a national association which represents the professional interests of all science technicians in education.

Our Objectives Are:

(a)  To identify and promote the on-going professional development needs of science technicians throughout New Zealand.

(b)  To encourage and promote links with the wider science and technology community.

(c)  To provide information and advice to science technicians on resources, methods and systems.

(d)  To provide professional stimulation of science technicians through opportunities for sharing professional ideas and opinions.

(e)  To collect, analyse and disseminate information about science technicians in New Zealand and overseas schools.

(f)   To endorse guidelines for science technician qualifications, role descriptions, professional development and support, resource requirements, deployment ratios, career structure and progression.

(g)  To be available to consult with the Ministry of Education, Government agencies and other organisations on matters concerning science technicians.

(h)  To promote safe work practices and environments as required by the HSNO Hazardous Substance and New Organism regulations (HSNO) and the Code of Practise for School Exempt laboratories (CoP).

(i)    To run the biennial conference of STANZ. This shall be hosted by regional groups.