These labels are designed to be downloaded to your computer as word documents, then modified by you before saving onto your computer. You can add the location, change the concentration and add more safety information. This is preferred to just printing them off this site.

To download the labels, click on a link below. When the page opens, move the pointer to the top of the page.  Click on the download arrow  DownloadArrow at the top of the page. The  word document will download to the bottom right of your screen. Open it and edit the labels to suit your requirements.

Benedict’s Reagent

Biuret Solution

Blue Litmus

Bromophenol Blue

Bromothymol Blue

Calmagite 0.05%

Cresol Red

Dichloroflourscein 0.1%

Indophenol Solution 0.1%

Methylene Blue

Methyl Orange

Methyl Violet


Phenol Red


Starch 1%

Toluidine Blue

Universal Indicator