Science Technician Job Description




Name:    @@@@@@@@

Award:   Support Staff in Schools Collective Employment Contract

Hours:    40 hours/week



  • Responsible to Principal/HOD of Science department
  • Set up, operate and run checks on general equipment in the department
  • Make simple pieces of equipment.
  • Carry out simple repairs, or arrange for repairs and maintenance of equipment and resource books
  • Advise staff about practical work resources and equipment available
  • Trialling new practical experiments
  • Operate a system for chemical storage, labelling, use, disposal and inventory to meet HSNO and departmental policy requirements
  • Maintain Safety Data Sheet records for chemicals
  • Operate an efficient system of stacking, storing, transporting, distributing and return of other equipment, materials and resources used in the laboratory
  • Conduct periodic inventory check of science equipment, books and paper resources
  • Review equipment needs within the Science department
  • In cooperation with the HOD, arrange budgeting, accounting, ordering and resources to meet the departments needs
  • Obtain/collect non-living materials/specimens for dissections and experiments
  • Prepare equipment , materials and solutions required for demonstration and class practical work, practical tests and examinations
  • Assist students with equipment requests for individual projects
  • Clean special equipment and glassware which needs extra cleaning or special treatment
  • Calibration of special equipment
  • Assist with security of Science laboratory and equipment
  • Assist with implementing the Code of Practice
  • Administration duties which include computer processing, data entry, filing, photocopying, opening and processing mail and processing exam marks
  • To obtain professional development as required in order to keep abreast of new demands necessitated by changes in the curriculum and its delivery
  • Participate in the on-going programme to maintain laboratory safety and first aid procedures
  • Liaise with Technicians in other schools
  • Monitor the safe storage, care, handling and disposal of residues, wastes and micro-organisms
  • Keep technicians areas clean, for safety and security reasons where cleaners are not allowed
  • Use of school vehicle, not private vehicle, to collect resources and supplies for use in the Science department


The undersigned parties to the conditions of employment under the provisions of the Support Staff in Schools collective Employment Contract 2009


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